Rio Grande do Sul is facing one of the biggest climate disasters in its history.  Due to heavy rains, which intensified on April 29, the volume of water accumulated in the rivers caused impacts in several regions of the state, including the valleys of rivers Taquari, Caí, Rio Pardo, Jacuí, Sinos, Central Region, Gravataí, Porto Alegre and Metropolitan Region, as well as the cities of Eldorado do Sul, Guaíba and Canoas.

The floods left cities practically submerged, as is the case of Eldorado do Sul, and the level of Lake Guaíba, which passes through Porto Alegre, reached the historical maximum level of 5.33 m on Saturday, May 5, according to the Geological Service from Brazil.

Many people had to abandon their homes in search of shelter in safe places, others were unable to leave before water invaded their homes, needing to be rescued in boats, jet-skis and boats.

Faced with the calamity that Rio Grande do Sul is facing, the Pentecostal Church Assembly of God – Restauração Ministry developed a Strategic, Tactical and Operational Plan so that it could serve the church and the community, in an objective and orderly manner.

The Flood Response Plan is formed as follows:


  • General Coordination: Pr. Humberto Schimitt Vieira
  • Subcoordination:

1st Sub-coordinator: Pr. Edson Nunes
2nd Sub-coordinator: Pr. Silvio Machado
3rd Sub-coordinator: Pastor Wilson Resplandes

  • Coordination Advisory
  • Planning Committee
  • Water Committee
  • Rescue Committee
  • House Accommodation Control Committee
  • Communication, Information Validation and Institutional Relations Committee
  • Distribution and Transportation Committee
  • Clothing, Food, Personal Hygiene and Cleaning Material Screening Committee
  • Fundraising Committee
  • Reception Centers Committee
  • Accommodation Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Medicine and Health Committee
  • Spiritual Support Committee


To ensure the continuity of the church’s actions, we count on your collaboration.  We are carrying out rescues and maintaining 11 Reception Centers, in addition to the Solidarity Hosting Network.  You can contribute financially or with non-perishable food, personal hygiene products, cleaning supplies and clothing items.

If you are in US and want help us, you may do by two ways:

Send an offer via Zelle: 312-888-5688

or second way, by PayPal: Click here

For more informations in US:
English: +1 (443) 381-9699 (Felixalberto)
Spanish: +1 (312) 888-5688 (Roberto)

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