WE ARE AT WAR! – “April of Victory” Campaign

WE ARE AT WAR! – “April of Victory” Campaign

God’s people!

We are at war: against the devil, against death, against the spirit of the antichrist.Thousands are dying. The nations are being assaulted by the hosts of evil that have been raised against the values ​​of Christianity and everything that relates to God. The economic crisis has shaken thousands of companies, leading millions to unemployment and financial insecurity. This all, added to the manifestations of the fury of nature (eruption of dormant volcanoes for millennia), shows the fulfillment of the signs that precede the second coming of Jesus.

We cannot standstill. We have to fight with the weapons that God has given us. More than ever before, we need to pray and fast. To pray against principalities and powers that affect nations where there is at least one congregation of PCAG RESTORATION MINISTRY; pray against death and for the healing of our brethren; pray for a great revival, beginning with us, that we will fulfill the will of God before the rapture of the church of Jesus Christ.

For this reason, the Board of Directors and the Administrative Counsel of our church decided to convene the “April of Victory” campaign: a month of prayer, twenty-six daily fasts, four solemn fasts, and four vigils involving the entire church. It will be a historic month. April is already a special month: the month of Israel’s Exodus; the month of death and resurrection of Jesus; the month of the foundation of the Restoration Ministry. This will be a month of great victory for the flock of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Each of us must get involved. The victory will be ours, in the name of Jesus.

Pr. Humberto Schimitt Vieira
President of PCAG Restoration Ministry


Contact for more information:

Ev. Felixalberto Rivera: +1 (443) 381-9699
Pb. Mario Rotgers: +1 (787) 675-4428


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