“Few people would understand my battles. I have to carry them alone. Always with a smile on my lips saying “it’s okay”. That is why it is so important to receive from God the strength not to complain, not to murmur, nor to demonstrate the burden of the cross!”

But it is not easy. When we take this attitude, sometimes we feel somewhat “hypocritical.” But, in fact, it’s not hypocrisy. Just one way to look at the problem. For if God is in control of everything, if we truly surrender our lives to Him, then everything is fine. The “everything-is-fine” is His point of view now, not ours.

We have to be spiritual, live in the Spirit.

Do you know? Well, I wonder how I could make some gross mistakes. And I see that it was because of falling into this trap of the devil: he uses someone to trouble me and cause me to leave the Spirit. Then we become prone easily because of our own instincts. For we begin to act like ordinary people, to have normal reactions and we leave the so called “madness of God”.

There is a divine process, and when we go out of the spiritual dimension and return to the carnal, we only trouble God. For God can not deny Himself. He will not use human means to attain a holy and divine purpose.

I think it’s wonderful the way Jesus taught us. He called Judas “friend.” Was Jesus being a mocker, ironic or hypocritical? Certainly not.

So why does Jesus call the traitor friend?

Because Jesus, with his benign eyes, continued to see the good that Judas had done to Him. For three years, this disciple had been helping Him, buying things, raising funds, etc.

The mercy of Jesus filtered their relationship, and this filter retained the filthy deeds of Judas’s wickedness. The wickedness of Judas didn’t hurt Jesus’ heart any longer, for He only saw the good Judas had done to Him. So he kept seeing him as a “friend”.

The wickedness of Judas came back to Judas. That’s why he committed suicide. If Jesus had punished Judas, his remorse would have been satisfied by Jesus’ punishment. But imagine how much Judas’ remorse had multiplied as he remembered Jesus’ sweet expression saying “friend.” That sweet look, without any reprimand.

The attitude of Jesus destroys the worst Judas from within. And Judas himself will self-destruct. Judas is dead. Jesus is alive.

We can not die before the proper time. We can not let bitterness destroy us. No Judas can have power over our lives.

We must continue to see in each person who hurts us only the good that the same individual made to us, and silently to go to the cross.

But not a silent one whose heart is like a volcano about to explode. For in this case we would be in self-destructing too. But, with our mouth shut, because we have reached the grace of God not to be afflicted by the evil of others.

And the evil of each one shall come back to each one, as it happened to Judas.

Pr. Humberto Schimitt Vieira

About The Author

Pr. Humberto Schimitt Vieira

Presidente da Igreja Pentecostal Assembleia de Deus Ministério Restauração, no Brasil, e do “Restoration Ministries”, nos Estados Unidos da América. Bacharel em Teologia, é conferencista, editor, professor de Missiologia e autor de diversos livros

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